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Gabinet stomatologiczny berliner MundArt


Przez 7 dni w tygodniu jesteśmy do dyspozycji naszych pacjentów. Tylko dla naszych pacjentów! Ponieważ Careclave zajmuje się reprocesowaniem pomiędzy zabiegami w sposób oszczędzający czas.

We always wanted to create areas for patients that do not correspond to common ideas of a dental practice. Our practice concept was to counteract the usual stress and hectic of a big city and offer a holistic approach to treatment. With the latest technology and stylish treatment rooms, we have realized this idea in 2018 in our dental practice berliner MundArt.

Workflow of the future

Instrument reprocessing in our dental practice also no longer corresponds to standard workflows. Since 2019, we have been using Careclave to protect our patients and instruments. During a test phase, we were able to convince ourselves of the new device concept: The combination of autoclave and washer-disinfector in just one device not only sounds promising, but it is. With the innovative solution from MELAG, the particularly time-consuming decontamination and lubrication processes for dental hollow instruments are finally a thing of the past.

And it's that simple: Immediately after treatment, we load the Carebox with up to 8 transmission instruments or up to 8 ultrasonic scaler tips and prophylaxis handpieces in the unclean area of our reprocessing room. For rapid instrument reprocessing, my practice team simply adapt the Carebox into the door and starts a program: In just 16 minutes, Careclave takes over the reprocessing and optional oiling of the instruments!

After the subsequent visual inspection, not only documentation, approval and labeling are carried out, but also the chuck system care. A special care station is integrated in the door for maintaining the long-term value retention of our precious instruments. This is a function I have never seen in any other decontamination solution before.

The all-rounder from MELAG is also ideally suited to the sterilization of instruments. Either we use Careclave with Carebox and short tray mount as a combination device or with a long tray mount as a practice autoclave. With a load of up to 11 kg, we sterilize our instruments on 8 trays or in four MELAstore Boxes.

Careclave - The all-rounder in the decontamination room

The entire practice team of berliner MundArt agrees: we can rely on Careclave 100% - 7 days a week! The innovative and holistic approach fits perfectly with our practice concept. Cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in just one device ensures standard compliant reprocessing, long-term value retention of the transmission instruments and at the same time gives us the most valuable resource in today's world: time that we can no longer spend in the reprocessing room, but with the individual treatment of our patients.

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