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Test for seal seam stability

Routine control for validation of packaging processes

In order to validate packaging processes and to evaluate the performance of MELAG sealing devices, we recommend the seal seam stability test as an annual routine check. The seal seam stability test is a standardized test procedure for evaluation of your MELAG sealing device. The test is carried out with a state-of-the-art tensile-strength testing machine – for guaranteed valid results.

Please download the PDF document seal seam stability test, complete this form and follow the instructions in the document. After the film test strips have been tested, MELAG will issue verification of testing and if successful, MELAG will issue a certificate. This certificate confirms conformity of the seal seam with the standard DIN EN 868-5, Appendix D.

Hand hält Prüfzeugnis zu Siegelnahtfestigkeitstest
Mann vor Computer hält MELAG Prüfzeugnis zu Siegelnahtfestigkeitstest
Zugfestigkeitsprüfung einer Siegelnaht
Schrägansicht Zugfestigkeitsprüfmaschine neben Computer Display
Hand schneidet Sterilgutverpackung MELAfol mit Siegelgerät
Hand hält Folien-Probestreifen
Mann steht vor Zugfestigkeitsprüfmaschine und hält Tablet, daneben steht Computer Display
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