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Care Oil Spray

for the manual care of your valuable instruments

With the fully synthetic care oil for transmission and joint instruments, everything runs smooth: Because correct care saves time, money and trouble. The high-quality Care Oil Spray therefore enables manual intensive care of your valuable instruments and long-lasting protection through excellent lubrication!

See for yourself and benefit from many advantages:

✓ Protection and value retention through excellent lubrication of instruments from all manufacturers: Fully synthetic special oil of the highest purity for optimal care and sterilisation results.

✓ Economical in use: one can lasts for up to 200 care cycles.

✓ Loves your instruments and the environment: Sustainable adapters for permanent use and CFC-free propellant.

✓ Individually configurable: Versatile adapters for high- and low-speed contra-angle handpieces, turbines, air motors, collets and articulated instruments.


Adapter for ISO coupling

for manual care with the Care Oil Spray of handpieces and further instruments with ISO coupling

Adapter for turbines Sirona connector

for manual care with the Care Oil Spray of turbines with Sirona coupling

Adapter for turbines MULTIflex connector

for manual care with the Care Oil Spray of turbines with Multiflex coupling

Adapter for chuck care

for manual chuck care with the Care Oil Spray



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