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Stomatolodzy Feuerlandhöfe


Maksymalna ochrona narzędzi przy minimalnym wysiłku - nie chcielibyśmy się obejść bez Careclave!

In order to meet highest quality standards in instrument reprocessing, our practice consists of 19 employees and 8 fully equiped treatment rooms. To ensure that every patient receives the best possible care in every area of dentistry, each of us has different treatment specialties. Thanks to our specialists, but also to the modern technical equipment and high-quality instruments in our practice, we are able to provide safe, gentle and successful treatments at all times.

To ensure this high quality standards in our daily work over the long term, we have relied on Careclave since 2019.


Instrument protection á la Careclave

Each of our treatment room is equipped with sets of handpieces from W&H and NSK. In order to prevent wear and soiling of our valuable instruments and consequently expensive investments in new instruments, we rely on highly defined and structured workflows, short reprocessing cycles and a reliable and long-term value retention of our transmission instruments. All this is possible with Careclave.

After a treatment on the patient, the used and contaminated instruments are brought into the decontamination room in a closed container. Once there, we start loading the Carebox with up to 8 handpieces and turbines. Thanks to the innovative dosing system of Careclave, precise reprocessing is ensured for each instrument – even if unneeded adapters remain free in the Carebox.

We were particularly impressed by the loading concept: Careclave combines cleaning & disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in one single device. If we need to reprocess further instruments in addition to cleaning and lubricating our hollow-body instruments in the Carebox, we use the rear part of the chamber for sterilizing them in just one cycle. To do this, we only need to hang the loaded Carebox in the door and place the remaining instruments on the short tray mounts – a process that could not be simpler.

After only 18 minutes, the transmission instruments are cleaned, disinfected and lubricated which is the most important prerequisite for a long lifespan and a reliable value retention of the instruments. And even expensive repairs of our instrument heads are no longer an issue for us: Every Friday we carry out the chuck system care directly on the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore a special care station is integrated in the door of Careclave where we can easily lubricate the handpieces by using a fully-synthetic oil. At the same time Careclave documents the entire reprocessing procedure with all important process parameters in order to ensure compliant and complete traceability.

If the instruments are needed for the next patient immediately after reprocessing, we additionally use our Cooling box by simply inserting the Carebox lid into it. In only 4 minutes the Cooling box guarantees cool instruments ready to use for the next treatment.


Over a year with Careclave, over a year of carefree instrument reprocessing

The combination of a modern autoclave with a reprocessing and lubrication device for dental hollow body instruments not only saves time and space in the decontamination room, but also ensures the protection of our patients and instruments. The systematic cleaning, oiling and lubrication of our chuck systems guarantee reliable functioning and a long-term value retention.

There are frequent reports on social media about the high service costs for repairs of inadequately lubricated handpieces and turbines. Fortunately, in the entire time we have been reprocessing our instruments with Careclave, we have not had a single lubrication-related failure of an instrument.

As much as we rely on our instruments, we also rely on the new device concept from MELAG: Careclave convinces us again and again in our everyday work with its efficient funcionalities and the excellent MELAG quality.

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