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Stomatolodzy Dr. Kesler i Dr. Verdenhalven


Cały proces dekontaminacji jest za pomocą Careclava szybki, cichy i nieskomplikowany. Ponadto, Careclave jest łatwy w obsłudze i jednocześnie odciąża nas o trzy kroki w pracy.

In the middle of Berlin-Reinickendorf, the practice of the dentists Dr. Kesler and Dr. Verdenhalven extends over 2 floors in a classic single-family house. Consisting of three dentists, seven assistants and three prophylaxis assistants, the team provides best dental treatments and offers their patients a wide range of dental care in the various treatment and prophylaxis rooms.

Small but nice - with Careclave everything runs smoothly even when space is limited

In our daily practice, we usually prepare our instruments twice a day - at the change of a shift and at the end of the working day. Looking at our reprocessing room that measures only 5 square meters, not much else fits into this room, besides our Careclave, the Cooling Box, a MELAseal 100 and our label printer. With Careclave, however, we can still provide a safe, reliable and efficient instrument reprocessing, even in the small amount of space we have. Therefore we always follow a specific decontamination procedure and divide up the tasks in the team.

In the beginning, we collect all the instruments in the treatment rooms and transport them to the reprocessing room. There we pre-clean them manually and disinfect them in a thermal bath. Afterwards critically classified instruments that need to be sterilized are packed into a sterile pack using our MELAseal 100 and are placed on tray mounts for Careclave. With the Vacuclave program we start sterilizing them in our 4-in-1 Solution. Since all reprocessing steps are completely documented by Careclave and automatically saved on a CF card, we don’t need any additional documentation software. Once the sterilization is completed, we remove the reprocessed instruments, label them appropriately and finally return them to the respective treatment rooms.

The Care-S Program

With the Care-S program of Careclave, we also have the possibility to carry out a reliable cleaning, disinfection and lubrication of our transmission instruments. Depending on patient volume, we usually load the Carebox with 2 up to 6 handpieces by simply twisting the instruments onto the respective adapters until they lock into place. Following we place the Carebox onto the door of the device and start the program - a very simple process. Once the program is completed, we insert the Carebox in the Coolingbox to let the instruments cool down. After only 4 minutes, the handpieces are available again - cleaned, disinfected and well cared for use. Once a week we also do a intensive care for a long-term value retention of our instruments. For that we use the chuck lubrication station named ADDcare directly integrated into Careclave. The weekly use protects our instruments from corrosion and wear and thus also enables us to reduce repair costs in the long term.

Summarized in one sentence: we are very happy to have Careclave as a specialist for instrument reprocessing in our team and we don't want to do without it ever again!

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