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Dentalzentrum Plus

Dentalzentrum Plus


Mając 17 gabinetów zabiegowych, musisz być w stanie w pełni polegać na swoim zespole technicznym. Za pomocą Careclava przygotowanie i pielęgnacja kątnic po każdym pacjencie jest dziecinnie prosta i niezawodna.

Dentalzentrum Plus is there for their patients with locations in Berlin Charlottenburg, Schöneberg and Marzahn over 300 days a year. Dentalzentrum Plus in Charlottenburg alone offers 17 modern treatment rooms. This clinic size requires not only compliance with the highest quality standards in instrument reprocessing, but also efficient workflows.

Instrument reprocessing in XXL

We want to take the best possible care of our patients. Therefore it is our aspiration to work hygienically at the highest level and to minimize the time spent in the decontamination room. The system from MELAG has supported us since the opening of our dental clinic. MELAtherm 10 Evolution, MELAseal Pro and Vacuklav 40 B+ Evolution convince with the reprocessing of large quantities of instruments in the shortest possible time.

To ensure that our handpieces and turbines are also ready for the next treatment, we rely on a completely new device concept: Careclave combines a modern autoclave with a reprocessing and lubrication device for dental hollow-body instruments. We can now clean, disinfect and care up to 8 hollow-body instruments in only 16 - 18 minutes.

Careclave offers the flexibility we need on tightly scheduled workdays. In addition to reprocessing and lubricating hollow-body instruments in the Carebox, we use the rear part of the chamber for sterilizing other instruments in just one cycle. In case of an increased sterilization volume, the Careclave is even available as an additional Class B autoclave. With the help of the long holding mount, up to 11 kg of instruments packed in foils or in boxes can be sterilized.

Our conclusion after more than a year with Careclave

For systematic treatment of our patients, we combine all specialists in dentistry under one roof. Since November 2019, this systematic approach has also been reflected in instrument reprocessing at our clinic in Charlottenburg: Careclave combines cleaning, disinfection, lubrication, sterilization and documentation in a single device.

Careclave thus provides the highest standards of infection control and further unique advantages to us:

1. Reduced number of devices in the decontamination room results in lower ongoing costs for maintenance and validation
2. Fast cycle times save the cost-intensive purchase of additional instrument sets
3. Systematic cleaning, oiling and lubrication of chuck systems reduce service costs for repairs of transmission instruments

However, the Careclave scores not only with an innovative device concept, but also with the superior MELAG quality – made in Germany. For this reason, we have decided to equip further locations of Dentalzentrum Plus with Careclave for an optimal hygiene workflow.

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