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MELAG Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Geneststraße 6 -10
10829 Berlin
T +49 30 75 79 11-0
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MELAG in Myanmar - Stiftunglife


"Since the beginning of 2017 our new MELAtronic 23 - a reliable high-performance sterilizer, is of great help providing sterile instruments constantly. Thank you MELAG." - Dieter Buhtz, dentist - The Swimming Doctors

12.000 patients overall and about 4.000 with dental problems, sought help in 2017 on board. Help people help themselves! - Also doctors and dentists of the German foundation "Stiftung life" are travelling regularly to Myanmar to support and educate the local team of the swimming doctors in the delta of the Ayeryawaddy near Yangon in order to provide medical assistance.

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