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Instrument reprocessing in veterinary practices and clinics

MELAG System Solutions for veterinary medicine

In order to ensure safe instrument decontamination, veterinary practices and clinics are increasingly following the standards set for infection control in human medicine. MELAG System Solutions provide veterinarians not just with absolute legal certainty in ensuring practice hygiene but also save time and money.

Take advantage of our aligned products to cover all the steps of the instrument reprocessing workflow:

  1. Washer-disinfector: The automated cleaning, disinfection and drying provided by MELAtherm not only saves time and money, but protects the team as well.

  2. Sealing device: MELAseal is deployed to wrap instruments in transparent sterilization packaging after cleaning and disinfection.

  3. Autoclave: Sterilization is performed according to the requirements of your instruments by using a class B or class S MELAG steam sterilizer.

  4. Documentation and approval: The MELAtrace software solutions or the MELAdoc documentation system provide complete and traceable proof of error-free instrument reprocessing in a breeze.

Find out more about the unique advantages of our aligned products for veterinary practices and clinics:

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Tierarztpraxis MELAG

Instrument reprocessing in veterinary practices and clinics

The decontamination process required in a veterinary context is as varied as the treatments offered. Our range of MELAG System Solutions enables veterinary practices and clinics to adapt the reprocessing workflow to individual requirements.

Contact our representatives to discuss and customize the ideal decontamination solution to satisfy your needs.


Customer Feedback from veterinary practices and clinics

Experiences with the MELAG System Solutions in a veterinary context

Our priority is your satisfaction: Leading veterinary practices and clinics all over the world rely on the unique MELAG quality made in Germany to meet all their instrument decontamination needs. Get insights into cost-savings workflows in instrument reprocessing and benefit from our reliable and innovative instrument decontamination products as well.

Discover our references

Clinica Veterinaria CMV in Italy

Clinica Veterinaria CMV in Italy

„Using the MELAG System to ensure reliable instrument reprocessing procedures enables us to provide a 24-hour service.“

Our clinic uses state of the art facilities and equipment, operated by a highly-qualified team of specialists to provide a 24-hour intensive therapies and surgery service. The constant availability of a minimum of two vets and a specialized operating team enables us to provide an efficient round-the-clock service for all four-legged patients.

The performance of 60-80 treatments per day requires smooth support procedures. We rely on instrument decontamination using sophisticated MELAG technology: Cleaning and disinfection with MELAtherm, sterilization with a Premium-Class autoclave and a large autoclave from the Cliniclave series.

The MELAG System makes for a perfect hygiene workflow and reduction of infection risks.

Find out more about our MELAG System Solution as used in the Clinica Veterinaria CMV veterinary clinic.

AniCura Small Animal Specialists

„Our patients and their owners have top priority.“

We prioritize the service that we provide to our patients and their owners. This approach requires top quality equipment in conjunction with reliable support.

The increasing number of minimally-invasive endoscopic treatments which we perform means the use of an increasing quantity of instruments. This informed our decision to purchase a new MELAG large autoclave for the reprocessing of large quantities in record-time.

Find out more about the fast cycle times, large loading capacities and the documentation and approval process performed by Cliniclave 45 in the AniCura veterinary clinic.

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