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Instrument reprocessing in medical clinics

MELAG System Solutions for gynaecological, ENT and other medical clinics

For your safety: Everything from one source! The best way to ensure a safe decontamination workflow is to deploy aligned products. Our MELAG System Solutions guarantee an efficient and reliable instrument decontamination process tailored to the needs of your specialization and clinic size. Our solutions cover the entire medical instrument decontamination process in Gynaecology, ENT, Surgery, Urology, Dermatology and many more specialties.

  1. Cleaning and disinfection: With over 80 specially developed baskets and adapters, the innovative washer-disinfectors of the MELAtherm series meet the demand of your medical specialty.

  2. Packaging instruments: The MELAseal 200 and MELAseal 100+ compact bar sealers and the high-performance MELAseal Pro rotary sealer provide reliable solutions for packaging your instruments.

  3. Steam sterilization: MELAG Class B and Class S autoclaves guarantee a safe sterilization process for solid or hollow body instruments.

  4. Documentation and approval: The MELAtrace software solutions provide a traceable documentation process for instrument reprocessing without follow-up costs.

Find out more about the unique highlights of MELAG products and their role in securing efficient infection control in a medical practice and clinic:

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Instrument reprocessing using a steam sterilizer / autoclave:

After cleaning and disinfection, steam sterilization in an autoclave is an essential step in the decontamination of surgical and non-surgical instruments. You can choose between Class B and Class S steam sterilizers in line with your requirements and instruments.

Our steam sterilizer page provides further information about selecting the right sterilization procedure to suit your individual clinic needs.


Customer feedback from medical practices and clinics

Success stories on the use of MELAG System Solutions in medical specialties.

Our priority is your satisfaction: The following feedback from practices and clinics gives an insight into the workflows of MELAG System Solutions in various medical specialties – Gynaecology, ENT, Surgery, Urology and Dermatology.

Rely on our quality products made in Germany for time- and cost-effective instrument reprocessing.

Discover our success stories

Dermatology clinic Dr Johanna Kubek

Dr Johanna Kubek Dermatology Clinic

„Our entire clinic team is delighted with the intuitive operation of MELAtherm and Euroklav for the highest levels of safety in the instrument decontamination process.“

My personnel at both locations of our clinic provide treatment for chronic and acute dermatological cases as well as laser therapies, allergological diagnosis and outpatient surgery. We need to be able to take a high standard of infection control for granted. After having used disposable / single-use medical instruments, we took the decision, based on grounds of costs and quality, to establish a dedicated decontamination room.

The MELAtherm washer-disinfector and the Euroklav Class S steam sterilizer are perfectly aligned to our new instrument reprocessing procedures. The MELAG System satisfies all our needs, even on days when we treat up to 70 patients.

Find out more about instrument decontamination using the bespoke MELAG System Solution deployed in Johanna Kubek’s dermatology clinic.

Gynaecology clinic Dipl.-Med. Annette Müller

Annette Müller Gynaecology Clinic

"Safety paired with quick and easy operation. We are delighted with the MELAG System Solution and MELAtherm for automated cleaning and disinfection."

The perfect alignment of the MELAG washer-disinfector and our MELAG steam sterilizer saves considerable time and effort for our team. We are able to provide approval to semi-critical (non-surgical) instruments such as specula and use them for the treatment of our patients directly after automated cleaning and disinfection in MELAtherm 10. Please comply with national standards.

Find out more about the time-saving decontamination process deployed in Annette Müller’s gynaecology clinic using the MELAG System Solution.

Podiatry Practice Vera Wille

Vera Wille Podiatry Practice

„The MELAG System Solution, individually tailored to my practice requirements, guarantees traceable processes and maximum patient safety.”

Protection against infection and meticulous hygiene workflows are just as important in podiatric practices as they are in medical or dental facilities. In order to protect patients even better from infection with pathogens, I have decided to use the MELAG System Solution including automated cleaning and disinfection with MELAtherm.

I love my MELAtherm washer-disinfector! For years, I had decontaminated my instruments manually with ultrasonic baths and a disinfection tub. It was a complete waste of time. Instrument reprocessing with a washer-disinfector is so much more time-saving and safer.

With the MELAG System Solution, I reprocess the instruments legally compliant according to international standards. The fast cycle times of the washer-disinfector and the autoclave ensure that my instruments are re-usable within the shortest possible time. Efficiency, easy handling and reliability of the reprocessing workflows are extremely important in daily practice.

Find out more about automated instrument decontamination with MELAtherm in the podiatry practice of Vera Wille.

Podiatry Practice Reni Otte

Reni Otte Podiatry Practice

„It is imperative that our instruments are always in perfect condition when using them in patient treatment: this is possible as we use MELAG devices for instrument reprocessing.“

Opened in June 2012, our podiatry practice focusses on medical podiatry and complex treatments. This requires the deployment of specialist practices and instruments. The modern practice facilities lay the groundwork for high quality treatment.

The introduction of new hygiene requirements meant that I wanted to update my practice facilities before a planned merger in May 2015. Podiatry practices are confronted not only by increased hygiene requirements, but the need for efficient and economical reprocessing workflows. The aligned products MELAtherm, MELAseal and Vacuklav help us to provide the best response to this task. The investment in the decontamination room serves to protect our patients, whilst bringing considerable advantages for the work of my entire practice team.

Find out more about the safe instrument decontamination process implemented in Reni Otte’s podiatry practice.

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