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Instrument reprocessing in dentistry

MELAG system solutions for dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics

Dental offices and clinics have high requirements for infection control. They need reliable and safe instrument decontamination to ensure the best-possible level of protection for patients and clinic team alike, whilst ensuring efficient workflows, rapid instrument availability and saving resources.

Our bespoke MELAG System Solutions provide perfectly aligned processes of all instrument reprocessing steps:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection of instruments for over 45 patients and 23 handpieces and turbines per cycle with the innovative MELAtherm 10 Evolution washer-disinfector.

  2. Packing of individual instruments with the MELAseal 200 compact validatable sealing device or instrument sets in MELAstore wash trays and sterilization containers.

  3. Steam sterilization of complex hollow body instruments in record time using a Class B autoclave of the superior Premium-Class Evolution.

  4. Documentation and approval for complete and traceable proof of error-free instrument reprocessing with the software solutions MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro.

Find out more about the unique advantages of MELAG products and their role in securing efficient instrument decontamination in dentistry:

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Zahnarztpraxis MELAG

Instrument reprocessing in dental offices, practices and clinics:

Workflows in dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics are as varied as the instruments that they use. Configure your MELAG System Solution to the decontamination of ultrasonic scaler tips, handpieces, turbines and many other dental instruments.

The MELAG System Solution Brochure leads you sequentially through each step of the instrument reprocessing workflow and presents solutions tailored to the dentist´s needs .


Customer feedback from dental offices, practices and clinics

Delighting quality and innovation

Our priority is your satisfaction: Dental clinics throughout the world already benefit from the unique quality provided by MELAG – made in Germany. You can rely on the safe and innovative products incorporated in a MELAG System Solution for instrument reprocessing in dentistry.

Customer feedback from dental, OMFS and orthodontic clinics can be found in the reference section on our website:

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Dr Korosh Roshanghias’ Oral Surgery Clinic

Dr Korosh Roshanghias’ Oral Surgery Clinic

„I love the systematic approach to instrument reprocessing. The highest technological standards for the best-possible patient protection in oral surgery.“

Since re-establishing my OMFS clinic, I have set myself the goal of deploying cutting-edge technology in an entirely digital clinic. We trust our bespoke MELAG System Solution to ensure the best hygiene and infection control.

Our entire team is especially pleased with the fast cycle times and perfect drying results achieved by MELAG autoclaves. In addition to the efficient workflow, we appreciate the improved protection against infection effected by automated cleaning and disinfection using the MELAtherm washer disinfector. We are able to comply with the highest legal requirements - including the need for complete documentation and approval of the entire reprocessing procedure and the need for instrument traceability right up to the patient.

Find out more about the safe instrument decontamination processes implemented in Dr Roshanghias’ OMFS clinic.

Dental Practice Zahnteam in Zehlendorf

Dental Practice Zahnteam in Zehlendorf

"The reliable devices constituting the MELAG System approach optimize processes, delivering maximum patient safety and a good feeling amongst staff."

Since working time takes up a vital part of our life, we place great importance on an attractive practice environment in which all feel happy - patients, members of staff and we - the dentists ourselves.

We see the need for the best-possible technology operated by highly-trained practice personnel to ensure optimal infection control. Our MELAG System Solution consists of reliable, high-quality products which function together effectively to guarantee the best-possible safety and intuitive processes in the decontamination room.

Find out more about the ideal hygiene workflows of the dental practice Zahnteam in Zehlendorf.

Biss45 Orthodontic Practice

Biss45 Orthodontic clinic

„I am entirely convinced by the reliability and quality of my MELAG System Solution.“

We focus on saving time in the instrument reprocessing workflows established in our clinic Biss45. The orthodontic clinic relies on the perfect alignment of the MELAG washer disinfector, sealing device and steam sterilizer to reprocess instruments for up to 60 patients per day.

Find out more about the time and cost-effective decontamination process implemented by the orthodontic clinic of Dr Gebhardt using the MELAG System Solution.

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