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Instrument reprocessing in hospitals

MELAG System Solutions for CSSD in hospitals and outpatient clinics

Reliably covering all steps of instrument reprocessing: MELAG System Solutions in interplay with the Cliniclave 45 series are ideal for realizing an efficient decontamination workflow in large and outpatient clinics, surgery centers, walk-in healthcare centers and hospitals.

Find out more about our advanced products for large-volume instrument reprocessing:

  1. With AquaBoost Technology and active drying, the MELAtherm 10 Evolution washer-disinfector provides unique innovations for perfect cleaning and drying results – even when loaded to the maximum.

  2. Thanks to its automatic pouch feed mechanism, the MELAseal Pro rotary sealing device wraps large volumes of instruments within the shortest possible time.

  3. The large steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave 45 series are equipped with a patented double-jacket technology to sterilize large loads in record time.

  4. The load management and tamper-proof decontamination report features of the intuitive MELAtrace Pro documentation and approval software bring maximum transparency with no follow-up costs.

Find out more about our instrument reprocessing solutions for CSSDs, hospitals and large clinics on our product pages:

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Klinik MELAG

Instrument reprocessing with the Cliniclave 45 Series

Choose from four different versions of the Cliniclave 45 series for instrument decontamination: With a capacity of one or two sterilization units (STU) and as a single or double door solution – every Cliniclave 45 large autoclave applies trend-setting technologies to your reprocessing workflow. These innovations permit safe and efficient steam sterilization tailored to the individual requirements of each medical facility – the number of patients treated, the types of instruments used, the space available in the designated decontamination area, the legal framework and national standards in force.

Find out more about the versatile application of the MELAG System Solutions using the Cliniclave 45 series in our Success Stories Brochure.


Customer feedback from hospitals, CSSD and large clinics

Your tasks. Our solutions.

Since the establishment of MELAG in 1951, we have worked towards a single aim: the simplification of the instrument decontamination process whilst raising efficiency. Using the aligned products of the MELAG System Solutions, we assemble top-quality bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Learn more about the concept of aligned MELAG products deployed in a range of medical fields: outpatient surgery centers, walk-in healthcare centers and small hospitals.

Discover our references

Sandnes Emergency Center Hospital

Sandnes Emergency Center Hospital

„We need quick and safe sterilization of instruments for emergency procedures – that is why we have chosen Cliniclave 45.“

Treating up to 200 patients per day means that we need safe and efficient instrument reprocessing workflows - including perfect and reliable sterilization procedures. Many colleagues recommended the Cliniclave 45 for that purpose. Since installing the MELAG large steam sterilizer we are able to reprocess more instruments in a single cycle than ever before. This means we can save considerable time and money due to running significantly fewer cycles per day.

We appreciate the quick sterilization times, the high loading capacities and further smart functions such as DRYtelligence provided by the Cliniclave 45 series. Another positive function is the integrated software for documentation and batch approval performed via the color touch display.

Find out more about instrument decontamination using the innovative Cliniclave 45 technology in the Sandnes Emergency Center.

The surgical center Berger Klinik

The Surgical Center Berger Klinik

„Quick and safe sterilization of an increased number of instruments makes for higher efficiency and improves the the patient welfare.“

First-class technical equipment and highly-skilled professionals combine to ensure maximum focus on patient care: Our surgical center Berger Klinik provides high-quality outpatient and inpatient surgical procedures for the entire surgical spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

The innovative Cliniclave 45 device concept in conjunction with the trolley system for ergonomic loading practices ensures a fast instrument reprocessing workflow in our clinic.

Find out more about the reliable instrument decontamination performed in the surgical center Berger Klinik using 2 large steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave 45 series.

Surgery Clinic in Potsdam

Surgery Center in Potsdam, Germany 

„The Cliniclave 45 is an entirely reliable large steam sterilizer producing excellent drying results and short program run times.“

Our outpatient anaesthesiology and surgical center performs an average of 12 up to 20 operations per day.

The superior device concept with smart functions such as batch approval, remote monitoring and energy-saving mode shortens and simplifies the effort in instrument decontamination, thus making an important contribution to producing consistently high-quality processes.

Find out more about the use of the MELAG large steam sterilizer Cliniclave 45 in the Surgery Center in Potsdam.

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